Nicola’s Christmas caring experience


Consultus carer Nicola Trice has worked Christmas and New Year for the past five years. Here, she shares some stories from her time working over the festive period.

Never could I have imagined that my first Christmas booking through Consultus would end with me on the back of a client’s relative’s Harley Davidson speeding towards his dental office in the West End!

My First Consultus Christmas

It was December 2013 and I had not long finished my induction at Consultus when they contacted me about an emergency Christmas booking. I arrived at the client’s house for a two-week appointment, a bit apprehensive about what to expect.

On Christmas Day, my client, her family and I enjoyed pre-dinner nibbles followed by a fantastic traditional turkey dinner, prepared by my client’s three daughters. After we’d enjoyed a lovely spread, the fun continued. The family exchanged presents - I received a lovely Molten Brown bath bag set – and we spent the remainder of the day doing the usual Christmas activities; watching films, playing games and tuning into the Queen’s annual festive speech. It was wonderful to meet the client’s family; in total there were 14 of them, spanning four generations.  

At one point during the celebrations, the client called down the long table, “How did you manage with Christmas dinner?” because she knew I had a sore tooth that needed seeing to. The next day, I’m on the back of the client’s relative’s Harley Davidson speeding towards his dental office in the West End. He kindly opened the practice up especially for me and generously provided the service free of charge as a thank-you for looking after his relative. It certainly was a different way to spend the holidays!

Another Christmas booking, this time with a regular client, saw me dressing the client up as an elf! On Christmas morning I helped kit her out with elf ears and a festive jumper before they left to spend the holidays with relatives. Whilst they were gone, I looked after their beloved dog and generally kept the household ticking over.

Taking a Christmas booking

In my experience I find Christmas bookings are easier when you have cared for the client previously because you have a relationship with them and their family and can openly discuss their expectations for the day. Some clients may want to include you in their holiday festivities, others may prefer their family time be private. Some may want you to cook, some may not. As with all bookings, it’s important to make you are clear on what will be expected of you so that you can decide if you are comfortable taking the appointment or not.

After working the past five Christmases and New Years, I’m looking forward to spending this year’s festivities with my family at home. I encourage my fellow carers to consider working this holiday season because you really do make your client’s Christmas easier and more enjoyable. It’s also a great way for the client’s family to see the wonderful difference you are making in their loved one’s life.

Your presence is truly the best present at Christmas. 

For more information about live-in care or nursing work over Christmas and/or New Year click here. Alternatively, phone 01732 355231 or email to speak to a Consultus team member. 

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