Moving & Positioning: a safeguarding perspective


It is Consultus policy that carers undertake an annual moving and positioning refresher course.

We are often asked why carers must attend refresher training every year when they carry out moving and positioning all the time, as they have learnt ‘on the job’ and they are experienced and know what they are doing. Experience and carrying out regular moving and positioning techniques are, of course, essential in helping carers to develop their skills but it is important to regularly update these skills as equipment and techniques change and it is easy to pick up bad habits. Correct moving and positioning can help reduce injury and discomfort for carers, particularly back problems - the result of poor posture and positioning when supporting clients.

It is considered best practice for these skills to be updated annually, and carers undertaking hoisting are required by the Occupational Therapist or external agency carers who help with this activity to have an in date (within the last year) Moving and Positioning certificate.

It is also important to consider moving and positioning and safeguarding of elderly, vulnerable clients as incorrect moving and positioning can cause bruising, pain and discomfort - even fractures, dislocation and falls. It is best practice to not support clients by holding them under their armpits, pull them up by pulling on their hands or arms and dragging an individual up the bed, which could lead to dislocation of the shoulder and bruising, pressure sores and much pain and discomfort. These actions and the resulting injuries/bruising would be considered a safeguarding issue and reported as such, leading to investigation.  

"... it is important to regularly update these skills as equipment and techniques change..."

Carers have a duty of care to safeguard clients and ensure everything they do is in the best interests of the individual being cared for; this includes having relevant, current training to meet the needs of each client safely and correctly. If a safeguarding issue is raised which is moving and positioning related, the investigation will check when the carer last attended a Moving and Positioning course and the currency of their skills and knowledge. By attending relevant, regular training carers will continue their professional development whilst safeguarding both themselves and their clients.

Carers can seek advice from the Training team or Care Consultant if they have any concerns regarding moving and positioning and the welfare of their client and it is part of a carer’s duty of care to report any safeguarding concerns to Consultus. The Training Centre offers a free paper-based distance learning course on Safeguarding Adults.

For more information about any of our training courses, please contact the Consultus Care Training Centre on 01732 355 231 or email Alternatively, book your training online.


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