Jill Brewitt: 'Caring has been life changing for me'


Within minutes of talking with Jill Brewitt about her caring career, it is clear that she genuinely loves what she does. As one of Consultus’ longest standing carers, it is heartwarming to hear her speak so positively about her profession after all this time.

“One of my favourite sayings is, ‘Joy in the work leads to perfection in the task’ and that is certainly true of my experience caring,” Jill said.

“Being a carer is not always easy, but it’s wonderful to be doing something so meaningful that really makes a positive difference in someone’s life.”

Jill started working through Consultus in 2001, after she moved back to the UK from South Africa in search of better job prospects. She has since completed at least 177 caring jobs with Consultus, an achievement she is understandably very proud of.

“I took to caring so naturally. I think being a mother, my nurturing instincts just kicked in,” Jill said.

Meeting Recruitment

Consultus Head of Carer Recruitment and DBS, Sara Taylor, saw this potential in her from the beginning.

“I first interviewed Jill many moons ago when she joined Consultus,” Sara said.

“From my initial conversation with her I was struck by her professionalism and positive attitude. She is an inspiration to the caring profession and we value her contribution enormously. Keep on caring Jill!”


Jill recalls reading a poem about caring early on in her new career that really resonated with her. Titled ‘What do you see?’, the poem highlights the importance of carers being able to see past the person’s condition and treat them with the dignity and respect deserving of someone who has lived a long, full life.
“I was so moved by the poem. To care for someone who’s lived a full life and now needs support to continue to live with dignity is a privilege,” she said.

“It really shows how caring is more than helping with physical tasks, it’s about the emotional support you provide and the often much-needed companionship.”

It is clear from talking with Jill that she is truly passionate about caring for her clients in the way that you would want someone to care for yourself or a loved one. “Because I lived in a different country and had a young family, I wasn’t able to care for my mother,” Jill said.

“So, I’m very happy to be that person for someone else.”

'Caring has been life changing for me'

Whilst the prospect of relocating to another country for work can be daunting, for Jill it was well worth it to be doing something she truly loves.

“Caring has been life changing for me,” she said.

“To be able to make someone happier, to make their life easier is a wonderful thing. It’s mutually satisfying for both myself and the client.” And Jill notes that Consultus has played a big part in making her experience as a carer so positive.

“Since my first day I’ve been so happy working through Consultus,” Jill said. “I always have work and everyone at Consultus is so friendly and professional. They make it so easy.”

And Jane Nielsen, Consultus’ Care at Home Manager, speaks just as highly of her. “Jill is the epitome of what a Consultus carer should be,” Jane said.

“She embodies the qualities we look for in a carer; kindness, respect and the ability to fit in naturally with the client’s lifestyle.”

In between jobs, Jill loves to travel. She has seen a lot of England since working in the UK and visited Rome last week for a well-earned break.

“One of the many wonderful things about caring through Consultus is the flexible working conditions - most bookings are two weeks and then I usually take a week or so off between to refresh before the next appointment,” she said. And it seems there will be many more appointments to come for Jill.

“Caring is such a rewarding career,” Jill said.

“I am proud to be a Consultus carer.”

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