Dementia and its affect on Sex and Intimacy

Dementia is complex and can impact many areas of life, including sex and intimacy. The type of dementia a person has can impact the way that it affects them. Read on to learn about a few of the ways that dementia can affect sex and intimacy.

Dementia can impact a person’s interest in sex, as well as their ability to perform sexually, which can cause strain on a relationship if communication is not maintained. For the partner of a person with dementia, impacts on a sexual relationship along with other impacts, can be upsetting.

Dementia may impact a person’s sexual behaviour and attitude towards sex, for example being more direct or open in their sexuality, as dementia affects the brain which controls all our behaviours and emotions. Due to this, a person with dementia may become inappropriate in their language and / or behaviour or become sexually aggressive. There are a variety of ways in which a person’s behaviour can become sexually challenging or inappropriate due to dementia.

Changes to a person’s perception due to dementia can mean that a person doesn’t recognise their partner, or believes other people such as a carer to be their partner.

If you are experiencing any of the above topics, we highly recommend you reach out to someone you can talk to. You can also visit the following website to learn more about dementia and sex and intimacy: How does dementia affect sex and intimacy? | Alzheimer’s Society (



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