Consultus cares about their carers; you are not just a number!


Consultus Carer Pam Allan described why Consultus is the right agency for her.

I first learned about Consultus Care and Nursing when I saw their advert on social media for self-employed, live-in carers. I was thrilled to see that they have a London office - I could literally pop out on my lunch break! I rang the office and booked an appointment.

When I met with Principal Consultant Emily Garvey in the London office, it felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. Emily was warm, approachable and fully understands the importance of live-in care. She also acknowledged the valuable work that carers do, which was encouraging to hear.

“Upon meeting Pam Allan at our London office, I instantly knew she would make a fabulous carer from her warmth and smile,” Emily said.

“Pam came across engaging, organised and very aware of how her skills and experience would benefit our elderly clients – demonstrating key attributes that we look for in our carers.”

Emily explained the process of becoming a live-in carer, and the advantages of being self-employed. Having worked for many years in a corporate environment, I wanted a change and the prospect of being my own boss and creating a great work-life balance really appealed to me.

"I instantly knew she would make a fabulous carer from her warmth and smile"

After my meeting with Emily I was booked in for the four-day induction course at the Consultus head office in Tonbridge. This was another highlight for me; the trainers are wonderful and the knowledge they have is commendable. My confidence grew each day and I learned so much more than I had expected to.

“I was delighted that Pam chose to book onto our four day Induction and training at our head office and meet the rest of the team at Consultus.” Emily said, “ We love to see how much our carers get out of this course and some firm friendships have been made throughout these four days”

Meeting the other carers was a joy. I’ve made new friends for the future and we’ve even created a WhatsApp group so that we can keep in contact. It is great talking to other carers, some of whom have been caring for over 20 years and continue to study to enhance their knowledge. I was really inspired by the positive energy at Consultus and all the staff were friendly, helpful and happy to answer any questions I had.

During the induction I was able to meet with my Care Consultant Bernadette McGee to discuss my future bookings. Bernadette has a bubbly and positive nature, we had a lovely chat about the clients I would be working with. Knowing I can speak with the Care Consultants 24/7 is a relief and it is good to know that if required I can contact Consultus any time.

“It was wonderful to meet with Pam. It’s always great to welcome the new carers and get to know them better which makes it easier to match them with clients who could share similar interests or need a particular skill set,” Bernadette said.

I am now a carer with Consultus Care and Nursing and I am looking forward to meeting some families who are in need of help. Caring to me is a gift, I am proud to be a live-in carer and I am lucky to meet some truly fascinating people who deserve the best of care in their later years. It will also be wonderful to see more of the UK, I have a list of places I have always wanted to visit.

I would recommend Consultus to anyone who wants to become a carer, or like me, wanted a change and the opportunity to make a difference.

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