"to be able to make someone happier, to make their life easier is a wonderful thing"


It was with great pleasure that we recently caught up with our latest £500 Red Letter Day winner Jill Bullivant and within minutes of talking with Jill, about her caring career, it is clear that she genuinely loves what she does.

Originally from South Africa Jill started her career with Consultus in May 2010 after nursing her husband through his battle with throat cancer.  As one of Consultus’ very experienced carers, it is heart-warming to hear her speak so positively about her profession after all this time.  Jill reflects “my inspiration was how I found the strength and capability to care for my husband when he was so desperately ill, it was tricky and some times hard going, but I got through it, and knew care was something I was good at and wanted to do.” 

Whilst the prospect of relocating to another country for work can be daunting, for Jill it was well worth it to be doing something she truly loves.  Like many other carers Jill, has found the flexibility of working on short assignments, and being in control of when she works one of the many benefits.  Plus, she was pleasantly surprised that she could earn a good salary by working as a live-in carer in the UK whilst still enjoying many extended visits to South Africa.  

“One of the many wonderful things about caring through Consultus is the flexible working conditions - most bookings are two weeks and then I usually take a week or so off between to refresh before the next appointment,” she said. Jill loves to travel she has seen a lot of England since working in the UK and aims to visit Europe whenever she can for a well-earned break.

So, the big question is what will Jill be spending her £500 Red letter day voucher on?  “Well I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, so now I can fulfil that wish thanks to winning this amazing prize!!” We certainly look forward to hearing all about Jill’s trip and seeing some pictures.

Lastly,  we don’t think Jill, will mind but we wanted to share with you that you really can start a live-in care career at any age Jill finishes by saying  “to be able to make someone happier, to make their life easier is a wonderful thing and keeps me a fit and young 73 year old!!”

Jill may be an exception to the rule when it comes to age however becoming a live-in carer is a fantastic career choice and one you can start any time of your life. 

To be our next red-letter day winner you’ve got to be in it to win it!!  For more  details on how to enter our recommend a friend scheme go to https://www.consultuscare.com/care-and-nursing-jobs/recommend-a-friend-scheme/

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