Carer hits the national headlines with around the world in 80 dishes


Carer Julie Riddell, who has helped clients through Consultus since November 2015, has been taking her client for a trip around the world, one dish at a time and hits the headlines!

The idea materialised as her lovely client Rosemary Raymond was unable to visit her garden, so while she reads her newspaper in bed in the mornings, Julie creates artistic masterpieces from around the world to bring indoors for her to enjoy. As her client’s wonderful tiny courtyard garden grows flowers and plants galore, these have become perfect to decorate the dishes.

Julie says “My client loves it! She eats everything I put in front of her with great delight and when something so simple lights up her face, I feel it is actually her keeping me going, rather than me helping her, through this difficult lockdown period.”

Her menus include curries from India – Julie says “did you know that swede, roasted in oil and curry powder, makes a delicious curry when mixed with chicken?”  A Greek Moussaka with stuffed aubergines next and Chinese sweet and sour chicken is a favourite. Then onto Morocco for a mandarin and lamb dish served with couscous, or stuffed peppers or fish from the Med!

 As for desert, Julie may serve a slice of lemon cake with summer fruits and cream, freezing the rest as a lemon bread and butter pudding for another day. She melts chocolate on cling film to decorate some puddings and blitzes bananas to make ice cream.  “Lemons can be juiced and frozen with honey or a little sugar to make a super sorbet. And if a client needs a little assistance with their dietary needs, I make a mean prune jelly!”

Julie explains that any leftovers are always made into soup, frozen and served a few days later, to create variety in the menus she makes.

 “I am usually too busy to do anything this creative, but during lockdown I’ve had time to stop and smell the flowers, to bring some of the outside in for my client to enjoy.  I just want to make every day special for her – why shouldn’t she find pleasure during her time at home, during these trickiest of days.”

 We, at Consultus, would like to thank Julie wholeheartedly for the ingenious way she is coping during the Coronavirus outbreak, for cheering both her client and herself during this difficult time, and for keeping her client safe and out of harm’s way, in her own home.

 Well done Julie!

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