The Princess Project

At the Princess Project we aim to give a helping hand and a listening ear to mothers who are in need of a little extra support.

Although there may well be services and help available, sometimes new mums feel unable to access this for all sorts of reasons. We want to be able to help them to join in with any relevant activities wherever possible, and to provide one-to-one support, mentoring and friendship. We provide a holistic package of support to mothers (and their families), addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Becoming a mum is an amazing and awesome experience. It is all too easy, though, at this time of change and new beginnings, to feel lonely, isolated and inadequate.

The Princess Project runs a number of projects to help and support parents, from coffee mornings, parenting courses and a befriending service for young mums, to providing gift boxes to new mothers and running “Totcycle” a baby goods exchange.

“The Princess Project is a wonderful organisation that really does make a difference to young mothers. As a mother, I know how important it is to be able to meet supportive people who can completely relate to your situation, and offer help and advice.Whether it is simply meeting up for a chat, discussing and sharing real worries and anxieties, or learning new skills, The Princess Project is a rock of support for mothers throughout Maidstone.”

Emma Tanner
Chief Executive
The Princess Project

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