Post-operative care

Consultus received an enquiry from Alana, a 75-year-old lady living close to the Welsh borders, asking about our short-term home carer service.

Alana was due to go into hospital to have major vascular surgery. She lived alone and was concerned about her ability to manage for herself once discharged from hospital.

After an in-depth consultation, we arranged for Alana to have a carer who could drive and organise the shopping. Our carer, Susan, supported her while she showered and helped her to get dressed and undressed each day. During the first few days Alana needed help using her wheelchair, and Susan also prompted her to take her medication at the appropriate times, and cooked nourishing meals to help her regain her strength. Susan even managed Alana’s social diary and gave her all the necessary support in welcoming visitors to the house and providing refreshments. Alongside all this, our carer helped the regular cleaner with general housework and laundry.

Alana had originally anticipated a two-week recovery period post-operation, but when she wasn’t as independently able as she might have hoped, she asked us for a week’s extension. Extending a period of Live-in Care is nearly always possible, and fortunately Susan was available and happy to extend her stay to the full three weeks, allowing Alana regain her mobility and get back to her normal routine.

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