Alzheimer's care

Emily is 75 years old and lives on her own in Surrey. She had been getting by with some help from her family, but she’s partially sighted and had recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia.

Her family became concerned about her increasing levels of confusion; they weren’t sure she was safe to be living alone but knew that she’d enjoy a better quality of life if she remained in the home she loved. They were particularly anxious to find the right carer for their mother, as she was less than keen to have anyone else in her house.

So they got in touch with Consultus.

We worked with Consultus and chose a suitable carer with the right experience to look after Emily. Initially this introduction required a lot of patience and support.

Consultus understood Emily’s reticence; it’s only natural after all to want to remain as independent as possible. But once she and our carer, Sian, had built up trust, Sian’s stay was extended for several weeks. A crucial part of Emily’s acceptance of the new living arrangements was the way Sian gently encouraged her to take up various activities that she had previously enjoyed.

When the time came for the next carer to arrive, Sian was able to give a thorough handover and ensure a smooth transition in care, and Emily was well prepared for what was happening.

The family is delighted with the companionship and the encouragement their mother receives in continuing to do the things she loves, like singing and listening to music. It’s also meant that the time the family spends with their mother is enriched. We’ve continued to place the same small group of carers with Emily on rotation, to maintain her sense of place, familiarity and security.

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