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Hertfordshire borders London to the north and is home to St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage. One can see St. Albans cathedral or Cedars Park in Broxburne on a day out in the county.

If your loved one or relative living in Hertfordshire is no longer able to care for themselves, Consultus have carers and nurses placed across the area who are able to look after them. Our carers and nurses are there to offer personal and medical assistance and are also able to provide help with day-to-day household tasks and organise external healthcare visits for their client.

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Age UK Hertfordshire

Since we were founded in 1962, our vision is ‘people feel better at home’. Unlike residential care or a nursing home, you’ll be able to carry on life as comfortably as possible. Having all the benefits of an experienced carer or nurse in your own home and with 100% attention on you or your family member. This service gives complete peace of mind to the entire family; we believe this is the best solution for your care needs.

Our Care Consultants and Nurse Co-ordinators, who grew up in the area, are familiar with the surroundings and have a good understanding of the healthcare professionals, services and infrastructure. Drawing from their experience they will match a suitable carer or nurse to your requirements.

With Consultus, you’re offered the freedom to choose the model of care that best suits you.

Care at Home - Introductory live-in care model
For over 50 years, our successful self-employed model, Care at Home has been keeping the elderly safe and comfortable in their own homes. Our Care Consultants will introduce you to a self-employed carer who has been hand-picked by our team of consultants based on their relative healthcare experience and personal life skills. Many of our carers continue their training in our award-winning training centre which enhances their knowledge and understanding of the vital role of a live-in carer.

Live-in Nursing
Live-in Nursing provides a specialist service for those who require 24/7 professional care by qualified registered nurses. Most of our live-in nurses have more than 20 years' nursing experience gained through varying healthcare services. Our Nurse Co-ordinators are also registered nurses who work from our head office and ensure they match the perfect nurse to your requirements. Working together, our nurses and nurse co-ordinators dedicate their time to you, providing not only professional care but also the invaluable companionship and emotional support.

What facilities do we need to provide for the nurse?

You’ll need to provide our nurses with a private room, access to essential household amenities, and their meals – to be taken with the client where appropriate. In those cases where two nurses are required to live in because of complicated medical needs, then they’ll both need a separate private room, or one bedroom in the client’s home and a second room in a nearby relative’s home.

More Live-in Nursing FAQs

The costs of live-in care and nursing
Every day we surprise clients with how affordable and cost-effective live-in care can be. There appears to be an opinion that live-in care is expensive and beyond a lot of people's reach. Our prices are transparent, we do not have any hidden costs. Live-in care is particularly cost effective for couples, meaning they can continue living together in their cherished homes - another benefit of live-in care and nursing.

The biggest benefits of live-in care and nursing are those that money can’t buy: security in your own home, familiar surroundings, privacy, autonomy and independence, which provides the family with peace of mind.

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“The Consultus carers are an important element of the network of agencies and professionals who enable my mother to live happily at home with her family, and we are very grateful to them. Everyone who visits her is impressed by the high standard of care she receives.” – CB