Anne Stevens Story

It was the late Mrs Anne Stevens’ conviction that anyone with domestic difficulties could be helped at home, whatever their need, and Mrs Stevens’ determination that she could be the person to help which brought Consultus Care and Nursing to life in 1962 – if only in a lean-to shed in her back garden!

The response from the public to the services Mrs Stevens was providing was extraordinary and the requests Anne received from her private clientele covered every domestic challenge which was handled with professionalism, poise and calm.

By 1965 the business had grown and become so successful that Consultus simply could not be run from Anne’s garden any longer and a new premises was found in the form of 17 London Road, Tonbridge in 1965. In 2009 Consultus also found another residence in No.4 London Road and in total both buildings hold 88 dedicated members of staff.

It is my belief and experience that during any period of frailty or vulnerability, people are happiest and most content in their own homes.

Mrs Anne Stevens

Consultus looks after the elderly, as well as the chronically and terminally ill. Today, our live-in carers and live-in nurses maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of many hundreds of people, keeping alive their dreams of living as independently as possible in the security of their own homes, surrounded by their possessions, memories, and the people they love.

Over the years, providers of live-in carers and live-in nurses has become the Consultus area of specialism. Consultus have helped hundreds of people the length and breadth of the UK to live in peace and comfort in their own home. This bespoke service is unique and is a wonderful alternative to a regimented care home or a hospital. A live-in carer or nurse bring a huge amount of benefits to a cherished family member. Our clients feel secure in the knowledge that care is on hand at all times, and a friendly face is there to work with them to ensure they live each day to the full.

This family-run business continues to operate with the same ethos that was presented over 50 years ago, to help the elderly is a gift for all who work for Consultus and we will continue to raise the benchmark for live-in care as an option for any person who needs our help.

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