• Short Term Care

      Care can be arranged at very short notice and carers can often by placed within 24 hours of a request being made.

      Short term live-in care is needed for many reasons:

      Respite Care - relatives and carers can confidently enjoy a short time away, knowing that a live-in Consultus carer is on hand 24 hours a day. Please see our Respite Care at Home page for more information.

      Convalescent Care – to give additional support and reassurance following a period of illness or after an operation. Please see our Convalescent Care at Home page for more information.

      During a Period of Illness - where additional support and a stress-free home environment can lead to a quicker recovery.

      Intermittent Chronic Care –the additional reassurance a live-in carer provides may be helpful for short periods during the year when existing chronic conditions flare. Such conditions might typically include relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, and many other autoimmune illnesses.

      Crisis Care – if an emergency arises and a regular family carer needs additional help and support, Consultus can provide a carer to ‘take the strain’ for a brief time until the emergency subsides.

      Interim Care – might be required while family or friends assess the options for care available for their loved ones.

      Trial Period – if the client or their representative is unsure as to whether live-in care is the right option, a short stay or ‘trial period’ is an ideal opportunity to assess our service.

      Emergency Care – when existing care arrangements have fallen through.

    • For further information:

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